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The Unexplored Trails is a travel blog that aims to journal an adventure junkie’s backpacking and adventure trips, his mountaineering adventures and to provide an online source of travel guides and tips and more!

Travelling is all about sharing with others, either stories, tips or good times. The Unexplored Trails aim to inspire, persuade and encourage others to live their dreams, to travel and find their own adventure of a lifetime.

Meet Tarun


Growing up in Solan, (the Mushroom city of India) a small town located at the bed of Himalayas.  I was never a big traveller. I didn’t take any adventure trip until I was 20. During my graduation, we used to have almost 2-month vacations every summer. As it was vacation time, I and my friends used that time to travel. My first trip was, a trek to a peak near my hometown, the altitude of that peak was nearly 15,000 ft above sea level. That trip showed me another side of the world and changed my life. I experienced other cultures, got lost in a jungle, saw the beauty of Mother Nature.

Right from that trip, I was hooked on travel and now I am addicted to helping people, make new friends, discover new locations and fun things to do, and always to experience new things. And above all, I enjoy helping others do all of the above and this all would not have been possible without my Friends – my brothers. From then I have been travelling to many exciting and thrilling places and now I am sharing all my travel experiences and tips using this Blog and I’d love to hear your thoughts on my blog, just feel free to message me.