Being a Himachali boy I was always attracted towards the natural beauty of the lofty Himalayan peaks, amazing wildlife, exquisite whitewater falls, and soothing feeling. So last summer in the month of July I decided to head towards a beautiful heavenly place Shrikhand Mahadev Yatra/Trek to get away from the city chaos.

The Chanshal valley which is also known as Chanshal Pass, located at a distance of 160kms from Shimla and it links Dodra Kwar village and Rohru of Shimla district.  The Valley is very peaceful and famous for its scenic beauty. You can have a view of hills covered with snow even in the month of […]

Leh- Ladakh,  also known as the land of high passe’s is a dream destination for most of us. Since childhood, I had always heard about the place Leh-Ladakh but never got an opportunity to go there. My engineering 3rd-year final exams were over and I and my three friends were in Rampur Bushehr for our […]