The Chanshal valley which is also known as Chanshal Pass, located at a distance of 160kms from Shimla and it links Dodra Kwar village and Rohru of Shimla district.  The Valley is very peaceful and famous for its scenic beauty. You can have a view of hills covered with snow even in the month of June.

Two routes connect Shimla to Chanshal Valley:

  • Shimla-Theog-Kotkhai-Kharapathar-Hatkoti-Rohru-Larot-Valley (160 Km)
  • Shimla-Theog-Narkanda-Tikkar-Rohru-Larot-Valley (175 Km)

This Valley of Flowers is at an altitude of  14,830ft and the other peak’s of Chanshal reach 17,000ft and can be accessed after a small hike from here. The picture’s from my trip to Chanshal and Dodra village speak’s the rest.

  • The board that show’s that you have reached Chanshal:

    It is 3-hour drive from Rohru to Chanshal top, you will witness the change in atmosphere as you go up the steep road from Chirgaon via Larot Valley. At the top, in the cloud’s you will see a Name board that lets you know that you have reached your destination. This road will further lead you to Dodra Kwar Villages which are separated by Rupin river.

  • Pleasing weather at the Chanshal Pass: 

    Due to high altitude the weather here changes in no time, at one moment it’s sunny and in the other moment it feel’s like you are in the cloud’s, the view of the surrounded mountains is breathtaking. The Chanshal Valley affords scenic views of the Himalayas covered with snow. It just feels like you are in Heaven.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  •  Medicinal herbs of Chanshal Pass: 

    Chanshal pass is well known for its medicinal herb’s. These herbs are taken out with their roots and also exported from here. This can be easily seen from these marks on the slope of the Chanshal hill.                                

  • Shephards with their cattle: 

    Shepherds were there to graze their cattle, they migrate from one place to other. Semi-nomadic, the Gaddi migrate with their livestock during summers and wait out winters in their homes. It is also believed that most of the Passes in the Himalayas are discovered by these semi-nomads.

  • Rough terrain road to the twin village’s of Dodra-Kwar: 

    The region remains’s cutoff in winter’s and opens after the snow is cleared from the chanshal top during summers. Dodra village is at a distance of 19kms from the Chanshal top. This road is really rough as it takes 2-hour  to complete this short distance by car. This motor-able road and the first bus service was started in 2009 on this route from Rohru.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Twin remotest village of Himachal – Dodra Kwar: 

    Dodra and Kwar are two distinct villages 20 km apart from each other and are located in the peaceful remotest part of the state, which borders Uttrakhand. They are separated by river Rupin, which is a tributary of river Yamuna and there are a countless number of wildflowers, medicinal herbs and also waterfalls and fast-flowing streams.  There is also a Forest Guest house available here, which you can book in advance if you are planning a visit to this place.                                                                                                   

    Wooden Houses at Dodra Village

  • Government School of Dodra village: 

    The whole village including temple’s, are remarkable examples of local woodwork skill but this government school displays that it is one of the remotest areas of the district. BSNL is the only connection available in this area as Phone connectivity is just 10% here. Further, from Kwar village, you can trek to Rupin pass which takes you to one of the most Beautiful places in Himachal the “Sangla Valley”

    If you are planning a holiday, away from city rush. Then is the place for you. Beleive me it would be a lifetime experience for you. For more information on this trip or for more travel stories connect with me on FacebookInstagram and Linkedin.

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